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Lynn McGrady

Posted By Lynn McGrady || 19-Nov-2020

My husband recently died on September 4, 2020. He was put in an ALF facility because he was to the point where I could no longer take care of him. The last two years have been a struggle for us both mentally spiritually financially emotionally and physically. through Providence I have found help through the charity of helping hands I have found a loving family through social worker and just my fellow caregivers every day I was encouraged to keep going. One of the things in the last two years that help me every single day and I cannot stress this enough was our mission values I would read them every single day. When I Felt like giving up and there was no help and I felt alone someone would cross my path at Providence and speak our mission and values and not necessarily “the Word for Word but they themselves were the mission values. So being at Providence as shown to me in our individuals and together we are Providence. November 9 was my five year anniversary with Providence and I have never been prouder to be Providence caregiver and every day whether it’s a patient it’s a provider or if it’s a caregiver I pay it forward because every day I am blessed with the love that I have seen in the last five years and the last two years and recently the last two months I cannot imagine myself working and loving and caregiving anywhere else. If anyone ever has a doubt, all you have to do, Let’s just take a look around you smile reach out and realize you are not alone there’s always someone out there for you because I am there for you we don’t have to know each other all you have to know is I am there for you and I know you’re there for me and that’s what it means in our providence values and our mission the simplest of words is that were there for each other. And that’s my story.
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