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Lyra Core Leader Supports

Whether you need to set up Critical Incident support, support a Mandatory Referral or Fit for Duty, schedule a workshop, or you are looking for a toolkit to help you support your team, you can find resources to help get you started here.

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Road to Renewal: Core Leader Guide

Feelings of burnout and compassion fatigue have become far more common in the workforce, but there are ways to reduce the risk factors and better support your team’s mental health. The Road to Renewal guide will help you to understand these risk factors and create a more supportive daily environment for your team to help find a renewed sense of community, belonging, and self-efficacy.

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You Are Not Alone Guide

Share this guide with your team to increase awareness of the resources available to help reduce stigma around mental health in our workplace and beyond.

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Breaking the Silence Guide: Suicide prevention in the workplace

A pathway for leaders to help support their teams, provide resources and create a culture of No One Cares Alone.

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Suicide Postvention

This suicide and traumatic event postvention guide helps outline actions to be taken after a death from suicide or other traumatic events to facilitate communication, conduct crisis intervention, and connect affected caregivers with ongoing care.

This document provides guidance for proactively developing a ministry-specific postvention intervention and serves as an advisory roadmap of best practices. The checklists, communication guidelines and other resources are intended to support leaders as they navigate the difficult tasks of communicating with family members, friends, co-workers and others who are impacted. The goal is to support caregivers to seek help and create opportunities to ease their way to receive this help.

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Leading Through Burnout

This site includes resources to help support you and your team. It provides your go-to source for guidance, tips, and ideas you need to prevent or lessen burnout. Through the site, you will get a better understanding of burnout, how it affects us, and how to heal. Everything is in one place to ease your way.

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Core Leader Wellness Consultation

Wellness Consultants are available to provide wellness assistance to core leaders. Behavioral health and spiritual health professionals provide 30-minute – 1-hour consultations to identify tangible supports as well as assist in navigating the many wellness resources available.

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Intimate Partner Violence

A guide to recognizing signs, prioritizing safety, and providing support.

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Lyra Learn

Build strategies to improve your well-being at work and at home with this eLearning platform created by a team of mental health experts. Explore on-demand courses and live monthly workshops and sign up to attend Gatherings - virtual listening and discussion sessions- curated and facilitated by mental health professionals.

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