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Your caregiver well-being program creates a positive work culture and provides support in your daily well-being.

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Your Caregiver
Well-Being Program

We are here to help create a positive culture at work and support you in your daily well-being. Choose Well provides you with programs, tools and resources to become the best version of yourself - mind, body, spirit and financial.

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Share Your Story

Sharing stories from a challenging time can greatly help others realize they aren’t alone. Telling a personal story can connect you to others and can help build relationships. Listening to the stories of others can help promote healing for both the teller and the listener. Story sharing is an important way to show support and care for your co-workers.

  • "I've embraced intermittent fasting and running as a lifestyle. I lost 100 pounds and have kept it off. I'm running half marathons (4 in the last year) ..." - Mark Blewett

  • "I lost 85 pounds in 2008, and was excited to experience 'a new me!' I felt like others saw me differently and I gained a lot of confidence personally ..." - Denise Hickerson

  • "Be encouraged that you are moving forward in your journey. We all have our own path. We are moving at our own pace. I always find comfort in knowing ..."

  • "The older I get I realize more and more not to take anyone for granted. Our time on this earth is numbered,every day a gift not to be wasted. Make ..." - P K

  • "My story is much like all others. In my teens and 20's I was full of jealousy and comparison because I was larger than the rest of the girls who were ..." - Andrea Adams