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Your caregiver well-being program creates a positive work culture and provides support in your daily well-being.

Choose Well

Your Caregiver
Well-Being Program

We are here to help create a positive culture at work and support you in your daily well-being. Choose Well provides you with programs, tools and resources to become the best version of yourself - mind, body, spirit and financial.

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Share Your Story

Sharing stories from a challenging time can greatly help others realize they aren’t alone. Telling a personal story can connect you to others and can help build relationships. Listening to the stories of others can help promote healing for both the teller and the listener. Story sharing is an important way to show support and care for your co-workers.

  • "I grew up in an environment that did not nurture weakness or flaws of any kind. I was always very hard on everyone in my life, including myself, and ..." - Stacy McClenahan

  • "I grew up in North Idaho and had amazing parents. I had a secure happy childhood. I still grew up to be an insecure adult that was terrified of life. ..." - Hilary Merrill

  • "Negative Self-Talk... In order for me to compassionately care for others and their needs, I have come to realize that it starts with me. Working on my ..." - Alison Colton

  • "“Every word has consequences. Every silence, too.” ~ Jean-Paul Sartre. As we go through life, we are faced with many choices, every day. These can be ..." - Molly Wilcox

  • "I believe the choose well journey has helped me keep,track of myhealth regarding scheduled wellness physicals" - jackie beaven