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We are here to help create a positive culture at work and support you in your daily well-being. Choose Well provides you with programs, tools and resources to become the best version of yourself - mind, body, spirit and financial.

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Sharing stories from a challenging time can greatly help others realize they aren’t alone. Telling a personal story can connect you to others and can help build relationships. Listening to the stories of others can help promote healing for both the teller and the listener. Story sharing is an important way to show support and care for your co-workers.

  • "As a married mom of 3 and touching on my mid-40's, I found it hard to make time for myself. It was so easy to just say I'd find time to exercise and ..." - Jennine F

  • "My life is a blessing. To think that just ten years ago I was fully addicted to meth and had never knew anything different. I grew up with parents ..." - Kathryn Fuqua

  • "In 2018 during pre-pandemic, I was so stressed out at work that I felt dizzy and lightheaded. My coworker checked my BP it was high. That was so scary ..." - Faradiva Cortez

  • "Part 1 - 2017 was a formative year. It forced me, and my family, into the pathway of what's known as "Trauma integration". Though, it wasn't a ..." - Joel Adams

  • "Life's Little Big Blessings. . . Born in the Philippines from a Russian migrant farmer and a Filipina mother; incidentally fostered to an American ..." - Ever, RN CCRN