Mental Wellness Resources

As caregivers, our focus is usually on those we care for, and we can sometimes forget to focus on our own mental wellness. It's okay to not be okay. Click on the face below that best describes how you've been feeling lately. You will be directed to resources that will best fit your needs. Whether it’s tips on coping with stress, balancing home and work life, the importance of physical exercise, or something larger, there are resources to support you.

How have you been feeling lately?

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Core Leader Resources

Holiday Stressor Toolkit

Get tips on how to navigate holiday stressors ranging from prioritizing self-care, setting healthy expectations, seeking support and more.

Looking for full list of mental wellness resources?

Caregiver Assistance Program India Caregivers

Want to talk with someone now? 844-311-6223 available 24/7

Need assistance accessing support? Call 888-687-3753 or Open an HR case/ticket here under Request HR Help on the HR Service Portal. Select a topic from one of the Categories, then type your question. To view your open ticket, navigate to My Requests on the HR Service Portal home page.

Please note:

  • Your responses to these questions are confidential and your answers will not be shared with anyone.
  • Talk to your leader or Human Resources if you feel that you need help at work. Accommodation may be possible.
  • Please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department if you are in life threatening danger.