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Core Leader Supports

Powered by Lyra, this program offers support across the mental and emotional health spectrum for challenges like stress, sleep, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. Including mental health support and resources for Core Leaders.

Lyra Caregiver Assistance

  • Manager consultations Confidential Management Consultations with our clinical staff to support HR Business Partners or Managers dealing with concerns related to caregiver mental health. Consultation support is available via Lyra’s 24/7 Care Team phone line: 844-311-6223. Examples of Management Consultations:
    • Caregiver has been absent from work and showing signs of distress
    • Caregiver passed away and the manager needs guidance on how to share with the team
    • Caregiver expressed suicidality or mental health concerns to manager
    • Caregiver returning to work after being out for a mental condition
    • Coaching on how to discuss help-seeking and the Lyra benefit with a caregiver
    • Caregiver consistently shows up to work intoxicated
  • Crisis support: In-the-moment support (core leaders and caregivers can access)
    • Call the Lyra Care Team at 844-311-6223 to request in-the-moment support.
    • Receive assistance over the phone with a master-level licensed clinician
    • While this is not a formal therapy session, you will receive guidance, support, coping skills, and information about how to connect with a Lyra provider for ongoing treatment.
    • Crisis support service is available 24/7.
  • Critical Incident support In the event of a critical incident (i.e. caregiver death, natural disaster, reduction in workforce, etc.), Lyra is equipped to provide an on-site or live, virtual counselor to deliver support in one-on-one and/or group settings at the impacted location.
    • Lyra recommends scheduling a few hours of support in the late morning or afternoon, 24 to 48 hours after an event. For workforce reductions, Lyra recommends having a counselor on-site immediately following the announcement as well as the day following the announcement.
    • One counselor can typically support a group of ~100 people since not everyone reaches out for support. Appointments usually last 20-30 minutes, however, some caregivers may benefit from more or less time. ○ To request a Critical Incident, please follow the process document.
  • Mandated Referrals A mandatory referral is a formal and documented program, which may help the caregiver retain his or her job in times of progressive disciplinary action. Although it’s often used as a last chance agreement with the risk of termination, it’s not meant to be punitive. The goal is to help the caregiver improve performance and resolve issues so that they can be successful at work.
    • To request a Mandated Referral through Lyra, please complete this form online, or review this manual and complete the required documentation.
  • Fit for Duty A fitness-for-duty evaluation is an assessment, requested by Providence, to determine if a current caregiver is or is not able to perform essential job functions because of psychological or psychiatric conditions. A risk assessment encompasses the elements of a fitness-for-duty evaluation, with particular emphasis on the identification of characteristics that are associated with increased risk of harm to self or others.
    • Process:
      • Call Lyra Care Team at (844) 311-6223 and inform them you are looking for a FFD evaluation
      • Lyra CSS Team warm transfers the call to R3 Continuum and communicates expectations that it may go to voicemail but R3 will call back quickly.
      • R3 provides HR Rep with a referral form via secure email
      • HR Rep returns Referral form/other documents as needed via that secure email to R3
      • R3 assigns an evaluations coordinator who coordinates with the HR rep, completes clinical review for violence risk indicators (if applicable), determines appropriate service (specialty needed, collateral contacts, additional psychological testing, etc.) and reviews process expectations with HR rep