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The Injury Prevention and Ergonomics team promotes caregiver safety and injury prevention which in turn promotes safe patient care. Our mission is to support the health and well-being of our caregivers through compassionate caregiver service, simplified access to care and excellence through evidence-based practice.

We have designed these resources and selected the links below to promote comfort, well-being and productivity in your ministry or home office. For further assistance, please contact your regional Injury Prevention & Ergonomics Team.

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Enviance is Providence enterprise’s online ergonomic evaluation, training and risk reduction program. It starts with an online self-assessment of your work environment and a robust algorithm determines your current ergonomic risk level. Based on your identified issues and risk level, you would be led through a flexible, interactive ergonomic training module which educates on the causes and controls of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) in the work environment and teaches optimal use and prevention while providing you with advice on adjusting your work area and behaviors. If necessary, you may request an ergonomic evaluation by clicking on the request link on your Enviance dashboard.

An ergonomist can assess your workstation and make recommendations to improve your comfort, safety, and productivity. You will need to complete a self-assessment through Enviance and then you will be able to request an ergonomic assessment. Please use the Google Chrome browser to access your Enviance Ergonomic Dashboard Profile and begin your personalized assessment.

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Office Ergonomics Resources

Ergonomic Equipment Adjustment Instructions


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