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Jennifer Vigil

Posted By Jennifer Vigil || 20-Oct-2020

Whomever said, "You can't go home again," clearly never lived in Spokane, WA. My story began at Sacred Heart Hospital. I was the 10th of 11 children born to Carlos and Carol Ann, and would return a year later to fight for my life. The region was seeing an outbreak of spinal meningitis during the winter of 1974-1975. As I am told, I was one of roughly a dozen children who were hospitalized during early February 1975. Some of the affected children did not get to go home with their families. Some of them went home without vision or hearing. By the grace of God, and after my parents invited friends, relatives, and any willing caregivers to pray for me around the clock, I went home to my giant, loud family without any lasting effects. It was the clinical expertise and faith-based mission of Sacred Heart Hospital that is credited with my survival, and most likely, aided in my life's trajectory. After having worked in the health care field for 24 years, I moved back to Spokane from Seattle, in accepting a position with Providence. January 20, 2020 was my first day, mere weeks before yet another outbreak would rock our region and our world. While Seattle was identified as a hotbed of Coronavirus, Spokane was well-prepared, and statistically less affected by the virus. I said a prayer of thanks, that I was able to come home safely, just ahead of the pandemic. The coming months would prove difficult, as housing tours were shut down, amongst a myriad of necessities affected by Covid-19. Couch-surfing through the period of homelessness which ensued, added to the anxiety of moving across the state, and starting a new job with a new organization. Throughout all of the challenges Covid-19 would bring, I joked with my team that I was being on-boarded by Covid, and had faith that we would be able to refocus once the pandemic subsided. Again, the faith-based mission of Providence Sacred Heart is credited with providing a safe and conscientious workplace, wonderfully open to God's guidance through such a health crisis. I said a prayer of thanks, that, after sparing my life during one outbreak, my hands would be used in service, to join the team leading the charge through another outbreak. Despite the hardships, I can't help but feel God's hands at work in my life, and in our organization. For this reason, I know that I am home, and am happy to count my blessings which began with this organization so long ago.

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