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Becky Anderson

Posted By Becky Anderson || 20-Oct-2020

She called me with a shaky voice. It was early Monday morning, and she tearfully told me she had broken her shoulder and knew it was bad. She went on to tell me that her husband had throat cancer and how frightened she was. I listened, took her notes and went to the provider who approved seeing her the same day for surgical planning which we did. She had surgery the next day. Never have I worked with a patient that was so grateful. She told everyone from the front desk to the provider how nice I had been. She insisted on meeting me when she came in and told me how I had made her feel listened to and had treated her with kindness in the midst of her fear and anxiety. To me, I was doing my job. To her, I was that voice on the other end of the phone who cared. When she came for her next visit, she brought candy for the staff. Now each time I talk with her to schedule or remind her of her next visit, I feel we have a special connection. She consistently tells me that our Providence staff "put Humpty dumpty back together again".
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