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Marja Holmes

Posted By Marja Holmes || 19-Nov-2020

My journey began in February 6,2020 right before Covid-19 I decided that i need to get healthy. After having a conversation with my PCP I decided now was the time. I decided Weight Watchers was going to be my choice. With a great digital and in person program it felt right for me. Best decision of my life. During this time, my husband's cancer journey began as well. I thought my plate was full enough God had different plans. During these uncertain times the only thing i knew was that WW was my foundation. Once in person meetings were cancelled thru WW they went to ZOOM which i was not sure would give me the support that I was needing well I was wrong thru this journey i found my tribe and have successfully lost 48 pounds. While my journey still continues, I also had to set another new goal that was to join the Heart to Start 5K challenge. I had always wanted to do it and once I read it went virtual, I knew it was my chance. I am excited to try something new and continue my weight loss and get healthy lifestyle. Fast forward my husband has ups and downs and we are strong in our faith that "We Shall Overcome" his cancer is very rare, and our goal is to get it back to smoldering. Waldenstroms is a blood-based cancer that is either smoldering or active. Our Oncology team is amazing. Hope this inspires someone reading this to never give up that you can do this and most of all DO YOU. whatever that is
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