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Nichole Henderson

Posted By Nichole Henderson || 25-Mar-2019

In December 2017 a Hot Yoga studio opened up down the street from my house. I was there opening day. I had started my journey towards better health and a better me in September that year when I stopped smoking and started working out at home with various programs. I LOVE yoga, I had done hot yoga previously at different locations when ever I found a Groupon. But with the accessibility of this new studio I was determined to go as much as I could. I bought a membership for a 3 month commitment for unlimited classes. Not long after the studio opened the owner was looking for Karma Yogis to help out in the studio in exchange for free unlimited access to all classes... So after that first few weeks, she refunded my subscription and I haven't paid for a class since. I go as much as 5 times a week and as little as 3. People kept asking me if I was going to do Yoga Teacher Training. At the time I wasn't that interested... I just wanted to DO yoga, not teach it. But more then a year later, I am feeling the pull to do the Teacher Training. I have lost 15 pounds. I feel like I have been a much saner, calmer version of myself then ever before. As a mother of 3 that is a HUGE. During that time I also researched intermittent fasting. That has made a HUGE impact to my digestive system, and a small but noticeable impact on my belly flatness. I have used the Choose Well program to search for healthy recipes. I get lots of compliments about my yoga practice and my response is ALWAYS "you can do it too". I encourage EVERYONE to TRY yoga. It doesn't have to be hot yoga, just any yoga. Do it in your home with a streaming service. There are so many to chose from. Also making healthy choices about what you put into your body, I want to FUEL my body, not pollute it.
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