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Becky Lawson

Posted By Becky Lawson || 25-Mar-2019

In the past 5 years, I've lost around 150 lbs and made a lot of changes. One of them is running. I never ran until I was 54. I wanted to learn how to run in a group and with other people, so last year my goal through Choose Well was to spend more time with friends, so I started a running group on Saturday mornings at the college with my co-workers. I encouraged all abilities. If someone were faster they ran back to visit with the slower ones, then run on. We did this for the whole year of 2018, up until it got way to cold to go. on the average we had 3-5 different people each weekend. Eventually a couple of us added a trail run on Sundays. I'm really hoping to pick this back up as soon as the weather is nicer.
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