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Your caregiver benefits connect you with programs and resources to help you along your health and well-being journey; delivering on our Promise to: “Know me, care for me, ease my way”. You are encouraged to take personal accountability for the choices that you make across all aspects of your well-being. Whether the choices involve which benefits to elect, how to use those benefits for greatest personal impact, or daily choices for well-being, Choose Well supports you with these important life decisions.

Are you a new caregiver or newly-eligible for benefits? Take Action.
  • Explore the Road to Renewal Guide

    Learn the importance of daily renewal and self-care. The Road to Renewal guide is meant to help you reflect upon where you are at, and how you can bring more revitalization into your daily life, especially at work. Learn more here.

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  • Path to Financial Fitness

    The Path to Financial Fitness will help guide you through some important financial topics and find resources available to you and your family – each stone contains information about useful, free resources that our caregivers can access at key points in their lives.​ Learn more here.

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