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This Is New as Choose Well

Elizabeth Elizabeth

This is new as Choose Well but what has prompted me to tell my story is that I have made huge improvements in my health over the last year in 2017 thanks to the ProvStrong program. Providence put together this program and started asking for candidates to apply in 2016. I was one of the few chosen to participate in the program. I started at 263 lbs on Jan 23rd of 2017. Currently, I'm down to 193 lbs. After the program, I was down to 200 lbs est. I continued on my own to lose additional weight trying to get to my goal of 160 lbs. It gave me the strength and courage to quit smoking showing these huge improvements in my health. We went to classes each Monday. Where we took food replacements for carbs and removed all sugars from our diets. We put our bodies in Ketosis and were amazed by the results of losing our weight. In these classes, we were taught how to cook healthy. What types of foods are best for us to lose weight. We had several guest speakers. Introduced to different types of books to read such as I am here now. (The Mindfulness Project) & Michael Pollen Food Rules. I'm continuing with this journey in 2018 through the Choose Well program.