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Teamwork and Accountability

Sothary Sothary

At the start of the year, I felt I needed a change the way I was eating and I felt I needed to be more active. I needed to hold myself accountable for my own health and take action to be more healthy and active. Seeing results from other people at St. Jude who joined Itrim, I decided to join Itrim and try to see what I could get from the program. Itrim actually helped to create a team environment for being healthy. There were other co-workers who were in my cohort that I came to rely on. It became more of a team effort to keep each other accountable for each other as well as our own health and activity. We shared stories of struggles and success, which allowed us to be more active and allowed us to make healthier choices. Teamwork and accountability allowed me to choose well and be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.