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Progress Is Amazing

Dancing Dancing

I use Choose Well to log my daily activities, monitor my sleeping and eating habits. Using Choose Well has enlightened me of my success in retruning to a healthy me. My progress is amazing and I am very excited to see my results. I am extremely lucky but I also think that it is a result of good healthy habits, exercise, and making healthy food choices that I am doing so well and staying strong and fit. My body went through a serious change when I was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma and had to go through chemo and radiation in 2016. Today I am doing great and have set high goals with Choose Well, and will achieve them and pass them soon. My love of competitive dance has helped me gain the " steps" I need. My next competition is in May 2018 and I will for sure be able to get some extra points and a trophy for sure in Choose Well and in Gold Standard Ballroom Dance too.