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I Thought I Had Lost All of That

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Choose Well has made me look at myself and my habits in a more positive way. I sought out after the death of my husband in April 2018 and my mother in 2016 and my father in 2017 I was lost into a deep depression. My friends and family at Providence have helped me to be better and to work at and toward a more positive lifestyle. I understand my husband is no longer in pain and agony but coming to work every day and being active and seeking out the medical attention I need now is my focus. Before I had to focus on my husband and his needs and the needs of everyone else. Now I can focus on me and that feels pretty good. Everyone I work with is extremely active and that makes me want to get more active and to be competitive. I thought I had lost all of that but I am finding it again thanks to your program and the help of my Providence family members. Thank you so much!