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Find your why and stick to it

  • Location: Fortuna,
The start of 2020, I decided to focus on my health and well being. I didn't just want to have a 3 month change but to set myself up for a lifestyle change. I went from 235lbs in january of 2020 to 185 lbs by january of 2021. However it wasnt just the weight that came off. The feeling of being able to keep up with my fast growing son who plays multiple sports, the having the energy to just wake up and be happy, and to just simple show my son a cleaner lifestyle that made me happy was amazing. Then July 2021 came and I found out I was pregnant. Knowing I just lost so much weight i was terrified and I went into depression yet knowing having another child was going to be amazing. March 2022 I had my daughter. I choose to breastfeed which my body is telling itself to hold onto the weight as its helping feed such a beautiful soul! Now it is January of 2023, my daughter is 10 months old and self weening, so i have decided this journey is starting all over again. I have began to get back into the gym as of one week ago and i am making better food chooses! Although as of today the scale has not moved one pound yet, i remind myself each day IN TWO WEEKS- YOULL FEEL IT, IN FOUR WEEKS, YOULL SEE IT, AND IN 6 WEEKS YOULL HEAR IT. I can say I already feel it! Pick a reason why and stick to it! in 3-6 months from now you won't regret it! You miss 100% of the chances you dont take.