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The Choose Well program has helped me be more accountable with my daily nutrition and exercise programs. I’ve always liked exercise but could go long periods without exercising because of work and family priorities. Choose Well has motivated me to exercise and keep track of my diet on a daily basis. I’m also competitive and therefore get drawn into the challenges. I see what my colleagues are doing and I want to outstep them to win the challenge! (Shhh don’t tell them :-). In my 20’s, I developed avascular necrosis in my right hip, requiring a THA when I was 31. Knowing my prosthetic has a limited life, I spent years not doing what I really wanted to do, but this past year and through the positive motivational daily cards from Choose Well that seem to be perfectly tailored to me, I decided to live life to the fullest! My friends and I embarked on a wonderful journey hiking and preparing for Mt. Whitney. It was mentally and physically the most challenging hike I’ve ever done. My hip did great and now I’m looking forward to many more equally challenging adventures! Thanks Choose Well!!