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Introducing Lyra: New & Enhanced Caregiver Assistance Program with Behavioral Health Concierge Access

Easier access to counseling support is here!

About Lyra, our new Caregiver Assistance program partner: If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, are struggling in a relationship, or have a child who needs support, Lyra can help.

  • Up to 25 counseling or coaching sessions per eligible member per year
  • Easy online sign-up, scheduling, and options to meet in-person or via live video
  • Lyra matches you with the best therapists and coaches who work with your schedule, including in person, live video and self-guided care.
  • Realtime availability is frequently updated online for many providers or try Lyra's video coaching or self-care apps.

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Caregiver Assistance Program

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24/7 toll free phone access: 844-311-6223

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Caregiver Assistance Programme

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access code: Choosewell phone access: +91 80 676 9900

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