New & Enhanced Caregiver Assistance Program with Behavioral Health Concierge Access

A simpler way to get care for you and your family

Lyra offers support across the mental and emotional health spectrum for challenges like stress, sleep, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

  • High-Quality Providers & Personalized Care How, When and Where You Need It​

  • Your care is personalized to your needs and preferences. Our providers use evidence-based techniques and have appointments available right away.
  • Meaningful Coverage for You and Your Family
  • There’s no cost to you as a covered caregiver, spouse, or dependent, for up to 25 sessions per year with a Lyra therapist or coach.
  • Easy to Get Started
  • Sign up online, receive personalized recommendations, book real-time appointments, and find 24/7 support from our care team. You can also access Lyra's WorkLife services online.

Caregiver Assistance Program

24/7 toll free phone access: 844-311-6223

On-Site Support

Now available in select locations

Caregiver Assistance Programme-India

access code: Choosewell phone access: +91 80 676 9900

Mental Health Benefits

In the search bar, enter SPD or Summary Plan Description. Once you open the SPD document, search for mental health.