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Your Goals Don't Care About Your Excuses

  • Location: Fullerton,
Close up of person's legs walking on a track Close up of person's legs walking on a track
When the pandemic started, I was 272 pounds (morbidly obese) and had high blood pressure. The long hours on my feet, wrapped in PPE, were extra tough on my body. Something just snapped--I bought a treadmill, starting walking, then walk-run intervals. It was difficult for me to even run 30 seconds in the beginning. Slowly I lost weight, and slowly I increased my running duration. In February, I celebrated my lifestyle accomplishments by completing a half-marathon (13.1 miles) with my oldest daughter, at age 48! It is never too late to change your entire lifestyle and be healthy. It's so nice to hear compliments and support from my co-workers! I am now 182 pounds and scheduled to run a full marathon this December. My biggest advice is to remember that your goals don't care about your excuses!