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You have value and meaning

  • Location: Lake Stevens,
I spent most of my childhood years walking on eggshells, in fear of making a mistake. I was afraid of my mother's judgement, and always tried to make her proud of me. Needless to say, the moments of her being proud of me, were few and far between. She had my life all planned out for me, and I never questioned it. As I grew, and my grades were not good enough, my looks were not worthy of anyone's attention "who's going to want you looking like that?", I could go on, but you get the idea. It took me until I was 19 to finally figure out that I have value, and unfortunately, that got me kicked out of my family. Going against the grain was not accepted. The grain, being my mother of course. It was hard, but I was able to find myself, and become a strong independent young woman. I am now a mother, who loves her children unconditionally. No matter what happens in your own life, remember that you have value and meaning.