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What Can I Do to Help?

Two nurses hugging each other Two nurses hugging each other
Suffered years of emotional, physical and psychological abuse from father and mother. With my mother it was emotional and psychological. She attempted to abandon me in as an infant. She would make fun of me, hit me, and is not a compassionate person. She treated my sister as the Golden child who could do no wrong. She kicked out when I was 11 to live with my father. I remember calling her and she said "You are not part of my family." He began sexually abusing me then, and remind me he loves me and that I had no where to go. The sexual abuse and incest lasted until I was 18yo. I never filed charges because I did not want to loose the only parent I had - now it is too late. I still suffer from the trauma experienced as a child. I still have difficulty enjoying what comes naturally, forming relationships, negative core beliefs and mental illness. I believe I am inherently damaged to the point I will never feel whole, complete, or content with myself. I hate it when people say: "We all are damaged" "we all have family issues" "why don't you talk to your dad?" "Why don't you for give him, he is your dad" "just get over it, I get depressed to" "why do you want to kill yourself you have so many things to be happy for" "at least you have a place to stay and job" compare their trauma with mine, minimize the abuse, blame me as well as other harmful statements People should say "I understand" "If you need to talk, call me anytime" "what can I do help" "when you become suicidal, you call me" "I love you" "you are important and valuable" " Your dad/mon are horrible people and you are better off without them" People should do what they say "I will call you" and call