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Virgin Pulse helped me re-route my mind

  • Location: Anchorage,
In 2016 I was the heaviest I had ever gotten. 297 lbs and I have been battling with weight issues all my life. I started here at providence in 2011. It wasn't until 2014 that I actually started using my virgin pulse seriously. In 7/2016 I spoke with my doctor, and we decided that I was a candidate for bypass surgery. I did very well with this and had no problems. I lost close to 120 lb very quickly. The one thing that I can pass along for advice is yes you will lose weight and very quickly. They reroute our stomachs, but they do not reroute our mind. I played the roller coaster game of up and down with lose and gain. Using Virgin pulse has helped me to wrap my brain around so much more than just the weight loss. It is helping me to wrap my brain around good health in so many way. mental health physical health is so important.