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This Program Has Motivated Me

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On December 23 2016, I lost my daughter Genesis. My lifestyle changed and I noticed a big change in my weight. I was tired all the time, lack of energy. I couldn't lose the pounds.I would overeat most of the time, not caring much about my diet. When I started this program, I felt motivated to start moving more. I didn't realize how important it was to just walk or get some fresh air would help me feel better. At first, I was amazed at how many steps we can take in just a 20 min walk, of course I wanted more points every day so I walked more each day increasing by 5 minutes every walk.It made a difference. I started noticing I had more energy. I love reading my cards because I follow some advice I get from this cards, for example, drinking a cup of tea, helps me stay stress-free and with energy. This program has motivated me to start being more concerned about my lifestyle and teach my children the importance of being active every day. I even signed up for the gym! I've lost 9 pounds by changing my eating habits and my daily routine. I feel more energetic, not stressed not depressed but instead, I feel happy, I smile more often I feel positive and proud of the changes I've done so far.