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Thankful We Work for an Organization

Kelly Kelly

It all started when we would have vendors stopping in..... I'm completely guilty. They would be the fast junk food goodies that are cheap sweet and quick to grab. I would greet them and grab a snack and go back to my desk and finish up my work. I noticed my team around me - doing the exact same. But I found myself gaining weight- and my blood sugars are getting higher. So I needed to take action and it needed to happen quick. So I kindly asked all the vendors when they come by to be health-conscious or just simply just stop by. In addition, I would get motivated with my co-workers about challenging them to go for a bike ride at night with their family- and it became somewhat of a little competition amongst us. We would start with 2 miles- creeped up to 5 miles- and now to this day my one co-worker who didn't do any exercise at all does 30-mile bike rides :) I hike a lot in the evenings and it helps me get the day-to-day stressors down as well. I feel like a team we can actually make such a huge impact on our health- and with this program, it has made it not only fun but completely rewarding and thankful we work for an organization who has a vested interest in our health. Thank you for letting us share this experience but also thank you for supporting us. This year has been a tough one for me- but I'm only looking forward to what next year has to bring :)