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Thankful for my well-being

  • Location: Healdsburg,
Hello, My name is Monica Castillo. 2022 was a year full different emotions for me. This year I am extra thankful for my wellbeing not only physically but emotionally. I have many emotions from this year and all the struggles I have overcome. I have a Blood pressure issue that has affected me since I was 15 and now I just hit 30. Wow! I can't believe it has been 15 years of appointment and appointment without any good outcome. Finally this year I was referred to some of the best medical providers at Stanford. It such a strict treatment that has affected me in many different ways. There was moments were I almost threw the towel and then realized all the support I have around me. I am thankful for my family and the great coworkers that have been there for me. This journey has been a great one and I'm soo happy to say this treatment is slowly working. I still have a couple more years but I'm thankful that even do it has been appointment after appointment. Finally we have been able to discontinue some of my meds. Thanks to all my family and my Providence family that was there to support.