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Thank You for Changing My Life, My Sons Life and My Friends Life

Sherri Hollis Sherri Hollis
I started the Choose Well program in October of 2016. I really needed something to help me get my health back on track. I am a type II diabetic and what was under control two years ago had gone sideways on so many levels. It wasn't until I did the diagnostic test and blood work for the choose well program that I realized how far down the rabbit hole I had fallen. The decline started slowly when I fell upon financial difficulties and had to cancel my gym membership. Then, slowly I started reverting back to my old eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. I couldn't believe it but I had gained 40lbs and my A1C went from 6.5 to 8.3. Realizing, I needed to make a lifestyle change I decided to commit myself to the choose well program and take back my health. In February I cashed out my first $200.00 reward, I chose the Visa card for $197.00 because I wanted to start back at the gym. After shopping around gyms for a month, a friend from church recommended a personal trainer she has been using and had awesome results. I got his number on a Sunday called him on Monday and had my first session on Tuesday. Since, I started working out with Mike (personal trainer) he has not only provided moral support but created specialized meal plans that have dropped my blood sugar from 224 down to 121. What my doctors couldn't do with multiple medications over a years time, Mike helped me do it in a months time. I would not have ever been able to afford to pay for a personal trainer had it not been for the choose well program. I am so grateful for this program and I look forward to getting my next reward. It has been such an awesome experience that I shared it with my son Mason and my friend Ellie. Mason has also started walking with me nightly and helping me to cook healthy meals. Ellie has jumped on the band wagon to get healthy by signing up herself, her husband and daughter at a local gym. Ellie and I keep in contact weekly tracking each others progress and lifting each other up when we feel like slacking off. Thank you Choose Well for changing my life, my sons life and my friends life.