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Taking Time for Self-Care

  • Location: Walla Walla,
Person holding out a red wooden heart Person holding out a red wooden heart
I started as a CNA back in 2010, and I really loved working in healthcare and helping to take care of people. It was my calling of sorts, I have found that it is easier to take care of others than it is to care for yourself. That is one area I am currently trying to work on looking forward. I suffered 2 major injuries as a CNA, the last one made me have to find something else to do as work, since my body could no longer continue doing what I love. I transferred into the Pharmacy as a Technician not that long ago, it is different, but I am still able to help people which is what I love to do. It was hard for me to change what I did for a living, but it had to be done to care for myself so that I can continue to care for others just in a different way then before. One thing I would pass on to others is, Take the time to care for yourself so that you can continue to do the things you like and love to do. Without self care it is almost impossible to continue to care for others.