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Taking a Step Back

  • Location: Seattle,
Peaceful image of person meditating at sunset Peaceful image of person meditating at sunset
I am Meg. A NICU RN at heart, loving mom of two daughters, and a wannabe house wife/stay at home mom. Graduated from nursing school in 2016 and have been loving taking care of babies ever since. I worked in a level III NICU to start out and moved to a high risk level 4 NICU for almost 5 years. Currently I am taking a step back and enjoying a level 2 nursery and going to deliveries. Now that I am not a baby nurse I actually like deliveries! Unfortunately I need ankle surgery from an injury 20 years ago that keep reoccurring. Before it got bad I was an avid yogi and actually wanted to work towards my yoga teaching certification. I loved doing hot yoga. I also love weight lifting and my husband and I have built a decent gym in the garage to help us during covid times. The kids and work definitely make it hard to get time to ourselves. Hopefully as the kids grow up we can all stay healthy together.