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Take the Me Time

  • Location: Pasco,
As the years have passed, I have learned that I need to invest in more "me" time. It is imperative to set aside some time for yourself. We all get busy and lost in the daily hustle of work, kids, spouses and running errands that we often forget about ourselves. I myself am very guilty of this. I work between 3 departments in two different hospitals. On my days off I am highly involved in being a soccer mom (running the kiddo to practices, games and private skills practices). If not helping with homework, then it's ensuring family time (parents, spouse, kiddo and siblings). Where is the "me" time? From one busy RN, mom, spouse to another....please make sure to set time aside for massages, pedicures/manicures, shopping time alone, time/dates with friends, bubble baths and/or just quiet time to decompress/meditate/do yoga or read a book. If i've learned anything over these last 14 years, mental health is very underrated and very overlooked. Take the "me" time when you can.