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Supporting one another

  • Location: Hillsboro,
Keeping emotions in check is so important in the type of work we do. Acknowledging that both the good and hard can co-exist has been a huge learning point for me in my 10+ years working as an oncology nurse. We witness a lot of challenges that patients and their families endure and we provide care that some times feels like it only adds to their pre-existing challenges, in the short term at least. I find that it becomes especially difficult to maintain a positive outlook and hope at the center in the dark and rainy months. I find that exercise, quality family time, journaling, prayer and meditation, speaking with a close friend or counselor, taking antidepressant medication are all helpful ways to stay balanced, or more balanced. No one has found the perfect balance at doing this sometimes difficult work, but we support one another and check in throughout the day with our co-workers, and that makes all the difference!