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Small Changes Cascade Into Something Bigger

Balanced Stone Balanced Stone

It was not so much Choose Well that inspired me to make changes but it inspired me to get back on track after a bad few months. Sickness, death in the family, home life stress...the year so far has been hard and the stress has caused me to start eating unhealthy and not want to exercise. I have already lost 70 lbs through diet, exercise and the help of the Omada Health program. I don't want to go back to how I was before and Choose Well has inspired me to continue to keep the weight I lost off and maybe even lose a few more pounds. It is amazing how stress can sabotage the best of efforts and how hard it can be to get back on track. I think that Choose Well can help to hold me accountable and help me achieve the goal of getting back to being healthy and staying healthy! Living a healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle. It starts with small changes and cascades into something bigger. Once you get into a healthy lifestyle it is amazing just how much better you can feel! It has helped me not only to look better, but to feel better in so many ways. Including mentally, exercise releases endorphins and they make you feel good! I used to not like to exercise but now I use it to help manage my stress. It is easy to get discouraged and want to give up when you make a mistake, but boy does it feel great when you rise above and keep pushing for that goal even when you do mess up. If you have a bad day and eat crappy food and make excuses not to exercise, don't let it stop you from getting back on the horse and continuing on the path of self-betterment!