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Positive Outlook to Better Myself

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Excited and encouraged with this Choose Well program. I understand it can be overwhelming, and new is always uncomfortable in the beginning. Choose Well is the name of our incentive, and I feel this applied in every aspect of our lives. We make the choice, to be well, to be better, to be healthy, to have a positive attitude and to choose kindness and love. I choose to live a healthy lifestyle, to be conscious of what i put into my body, and how active I am on a everyday bases. Working at a desk job for 8+ hours a day is difficult for me! I find that i am more aware of my steps with this program, Making small changes like using the restroom that is on the other side of the building, to park farther away, to take the stairs not the elevator, to eat veggies over chips.. the list goes on. It's the small changes that impact your overall result. I take this new incentive with a positive outlook, to better myself! At the end of the day, its a good feeling to challenge yourself. I choose to be healthy, to make the right decisions in my life with my food choices and activity. I choose to be healthy so i can be more productive in my workplace, to have more energy, to be healthy for my family, and community. Don't allow your situation to bring you down, but change your perspective and allow your situation to motivate you, and bring you to a better place! Allow this incentive to motivate you to make positive changes to prolong your life! Our attitude is reflective within our place of work, at home, and in our community. Choose Well, for yourself, for your family, for your friends, and your community!