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Positive & Encouraged

Kathy Smith Kathy Smith

Choose well keeps me positive and encouraged me to stay on track with my weight loss. Going from just over 360 pounds to 185 pounds is quite a reward at almost 50 years old now. In the last two years, even more life changers have met me at the door with a new marriage, home ownership, a new career and even my own college graduation! Some of this was met with wonderful encouragement and other situations with unexpected discouragements. Choose well helped keep my mind and body balanced. Choose well helped me recognize there was a problem and it was okay and there is help in both the celebrations and in the struggles. Together we succeed! My husband and I are on track together. We participate in therapy and go to church. We acknowledge our difficulties and celebrate our victories. We are even making new agreements together like celebrating our taxes and making mortgage dates. Learning to embrace the mortgage and be thankful we have it and thankful for our tax bill. We are finding reasons to enjoy everyday with emotional and financial balance. Choose well has helped me personally, yes! It has helped changed every aspect of my life. It has helped changed every aspect of my husband's life. I click through it yes. It still registers though and it still feeds my brain, and my soul, and my soul helps feed the world around me. Hopefully, the world will be a better place somewhere because I am a part of it.