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Our Struggles Will Pass

  • Location: Troutdale,
I am originally from Egypt, moved here 4 years ago. I had many challenges to overcome, it difficult to communicate with others, find a job, and navigate everyday tasks like grocery shopping or going to a medical appointment. Discrimination, Cultural differences, and a financial struggle related to finding employment. I had so many in my plate and facing many more everyday but what kept me going is the hope that everything will work together for my favor, my kids who teaches me that no matter what struggles we are in it will eventually pass if we are together. Here I am so blessed with my job, co-workers who has been a family to me since I joined the team. Life isn't for granted, fight for it, and do your best and all will come back to you. I learned that life is filled with circuses, you will likely fail often, it will be painful and discouraging. Don’t be afraid of it.