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One of the Directors of the Elegance Drill Team

parade parade

I am one of the Two directors of The Elegance Drill Team. We have been in existence for the last 6 years. Through this program I get an opportunity to talk to youth about healthy eating, pushing water, clear liquids, hand hygiene and exercise. During the school year we practice for two hours usually one day a week which often turns to two days a week. Practice consists of warm-up and stretching for about 10 min, running 2-3 laps around the gym, then non-stop movement, drill exercise, dance and routines. During the summer we practice twice a week for two hours and march/walk and dance in parades for as short as 10 blocks or as long as 2.5miles. On a Saturday and sometimes Sunday as well giving youth, family members and volunteers an opportunity to get their steps in. We also do once a month community service projects that usually have us active and moving rapidly, ie: MLK March from Garfield HS, Light of Latern's at Greenlake through the Parks department.