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New Patient Story

  • Location: Spokane, WA,
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This past two years has consistently taught me one thing: anything and everything can change. It’s not that life didn’t have significant seasons of dynamic change prior to the pandemic, but most things seemed to be more microcosms of MY life. Since 2020, it feels as if, at least anecdotally, we are all so interconnected and globalized that all of the changes occurring on the world stage impact all of us. Maybe I’m not daily impacted by war, famine, inflation, government agendas changing, political divisiveness, a fight to stand up for what I want to teach my kids, societal language and norms changing faster than I can keep up, or any number of other issues, but at any given time, at least a few impact my immediate sphere of influence. It has been like spiritual, physical, psychological whiplash to k ow what to prepare your mind and body to encounter on any given day. Every day is new, every day an adventure when you step out your front door. And not always the good kind! In spite of all the subjective experiences and this drum beat of change, there’s a deeper rhythm I’ve noticed. The world still has seasons. Trees and plants still bear fruit in and out of season. Amidst the brokenness, we even soma some animals populations and habitats rebound during the Covid lull when populations and cities slowed down enough to give them time to catch up. This has been extremely comforting to me because it seems like even my best laid plans, no mater how thoughtful, have rarely come to fruition the way I intended. At least not fully the way I’d hoped. I can count on one hand the things that I have been able to hang my hat on and say, “This will work, this never changes, this is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow!” The Christian Bible is pretty clear on why this is observable. For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under the heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:2-13).