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New Patient Story

  • Location: HAPPY VALLEY,
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I always wondered what my purpose was in life, starting from when I was pretty young. As the years went by and well into adulthood I still struggled with that question. I've always known that I am kind. I try to greet people with a Hello and smile. If I like someone's hair, earrings, whatever it is, I'm not shy, I'll tell someone "I love it". You can tell how much the other person appreciated it. A small thing but brings an enormous amount of happy! One day just a few years back my Mom (who passed away from Covid Jan 2022) told me for the first time if I knew that I am the rock in our family. That was the the biggest moment of my entire life. Because no, I had never considered myself to be that. Everything made sense from that day on. I knew I had purpose. I'd had it all along. I take this role to heart, and it has brought me so much satisfaction and contentment. I am happy!! My point is that no matter how small it may seem to you, if there is something you can tell another that maybe they don't see in themselves, you can literally change their life. Having a purpose in life really is a big deal. If you have purpose within you, it will shine through with everything you do. Be kind and find your purpose.