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New Patient Story

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I would like to start out by saying that I am truly blessed. GOD has blessed me beyond belief. Most people cannot understand my relationship with GOD. Know this though, that I walk my life’s path every day guided by the hand of GOD. Every breath that I take it is within and without GOD. I feel the guiding hand on my shoulder as I type this letter. I have realized that sometimes unanswered prayers are blessings. It’s only after time has gone by that one realizes that GOD has a plan for all of us. It’s up to us to be able to listen. I started with Providence in 2012. I was an EMR/Hospital Management Systems consultant for 15 years prior. I was happy to dedicate years’ worth of knowledge to my new Providence Family. I loved my co-workers; I loved my manager. I told my manager that, if I won the lottery, I would take a year off to travel but come back to work as a volunteer and do my job for free. It wasn’t long before I noticed things changing dramatically in this company. I started speaking with people who’ve worked at the company for 10 and 20 years and understanding the history of Providence. In 2015 Providence went through an organizational restructuring. I guess I noticed a subtle change in late 2014. I saw my manager retire early, seeing the new direction that this company was going. With the new org. structure and the decisions that were made by executive leadership and the implementation of director-level management, I saw a shift from doing what’s right and beneficial to everyone to a laser focus getting to be the biggest healthcare organization. Making money and this need to “Be the biggest EPIC instance ever” and “The largest Healthcare Corp.” is and has been the primary focus since 2015/2016. It’s no longer a caring, loving, provincial company anymore. Due to a disability, I took a leave of absence in 2016. When I returned, I found that my current job was filled by an external candidate. I spent three months looking for another job when I was ready to return to work. I even applied to my old job but never got to an interview. A different job with a 40% paycut was offered and I took it. Needless to say, it was a struggle making almost half of what I was making before but I was able to manage. Life as I knew it changed. I loved my new job, that I’ve had since 2017. I like the caregivers that I support. It certainly is a world of difference from my previous position. It’s a struggle making ends meet and so I’ve been looking and applying to internal jobs that I know I’m qualified for to make a better life for me and my family. I’ve even applied to my old job, it comes up on my job notifications once in a while...I’ve applied to over thirty jobs in the last year and have had 1 interview. I’m thinking that Providence has identified me and has classified me in some way that I can’t progress and grow. I feel that (with my recently replaced manager) that Providence did not care nor want me anymore. I got a new manager a couple of months ago. So far, things have been a hundred percent better! It’s tough for me to understand though why Providence can raise insurance rates to keep up with inflation but doesn’t care about it’s employees? At least me. I’ve received a $3.28 raise in the past 7 years. Last year, my 1% raise netted $31 a paycheck that was started in May of 2021. In November of 2021, during Open Enrollment, Without making any changes, my deductions went up $26 per paycheck. So…basically now, I’ve received a $5 per paycheck raise. What am I going to do with $5? I guess I shouldn’t complain. In 2020 I received a 0% raise. I’m a single father. I took a different job (in 2017) with a paycut to be home more. My kids aren’t getting cheaper and they’re not staying little. Gas and Groceries aren’t getting cheaper. ALL of my living expenses from Trash to Electricity has gone up so much that I have to sacrifice in other areas of life making our quality-of-life diminish noticeably. I haven’t taken a proper vacation in 8 years…you know, actually go somewhere besides “Camping in the backyard”. I’ve opened up my door to anyone to walk and talk with me. After 10 years of hearing executives and directors tell me that, “We’re this awesome company that believes in Compassion, Stewardship and Justice” but I feel like that’s all a lie. Nothings ever getting better here. It has made me look for jobs outside this company. I’m not the only one either. But I know whoever reads this probably won’t care. We are all a number that can be replaced with another number. Probably cheaper too. Do your own research on this company’s public financial reports and government forms. In the end, words cannot describe how grateful I am for the life I live. I am blessed with my health and the health of my children. As GOD as my witness, I know, well…I just think Providence could do better for the people that make the company run.