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New Patient Story

  • Location: Maple Valley,
In May of 2022 I found myself emotionally spent! I was sad, felt disconnected from my family and life around me. I came to realize I was burnt out from years of hard work, especially in the past 2 years with the COVID pandemic. I was spending many extra hours at work trying to take care of my patients but scrambling to get it all done only to get home to barely see my kids off to bed if I was lucky. I decided to seek help and made an appointment with my PCP. I started counseling through Lyra and medication to help with my depression and anxiety. I also decided to take a 2 month break from work to focus on me and get my mind back in a better spot. After this mental sabbatical I was able to return to work with a renewed outlook and focus. Ive now been back to work for about 6 weeks and its going pretty well. The work is still there and it is challenging to get it all done but the break and getting help was exactly what I needed to be able to forge on. I encourage anyone who is feeling like I was to take a time out and get the help you need. If we are not in a good mental space it is not easy for us to provide good care to our patients.