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New Patient Story

  • Location: Anchorage,
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I have always been a very active person. My father is an avid tennis player, surfer, and gym enthusiast. He gets it from his father who is 96 and still playing pickle ball, tennis and going to the gym. They have both been my inspiration. Becoming a mom really took a toll on me the first time around with my first son. I had him and life just got so hard to juggle. I started eating to cope with the stressors of postpartum depression, I was also drinking more often because it took the edge off my anxiety. With that combination I started putting on weight and literally wasn’t recognizing myself. My face had put on weight and in pictures I didn’t like what I saw. Shortly after realizing how bad my depression had gotten, I started to feel better by making conscious decisions for my mental and physical health shortly there after I was pregnant again! This was a planned pregnancy and I knew that I didn’t want to feel that way again postpartum. I wanted to be the happy and active person I grew up being, the one my father helped me cultivate. So I started really honing in on not only how to be better physically but mentally. This meant figuring out what gave me more energy and what zapped it. I started paying attention to activities and habits that made me feel my best and most connected to a greater being. With all of this intentional work I am happy to say that I’ve had the best postpartum experience with lots of energy, purpose, happiness and health. I’m still working on getting the “baby weight” off but I’m also learning that sometimes things are better slow and steady! I’m proud of myself and know I am who I thought I had lost. I found her but she’s even better than before!