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New Patient Story

  • Location: Stanwood,
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I choose to define myself in terms of my work. I have held many different jobs over the years. I was a telephone solicitor, then worked as a telephonic banker, then worked as a cashier in the stock market, then an secretary (word in use at that time) for the United States Army Reserve, then an office assistant at Boeing, then stay-at-home Mom, then worked in my spouses (our home) based business. Then I went back to school after the 2008 downturn in economy to become a Registered Nurse. I got by bachelor's degree in nursing while working full time. During all of this I have held myself to high standards and compared myself to others. I am now choosing not to compare myself to others. I am also choosing not to let my past haunt me. This is a new idea for me. I am trying to live in the present. I am choosing my friends carefully. I am trying to learn new habits. Life is not always easy or what you would like it to be. Life will give you lemons that have to be made into lemonade. I am trying to learn to live with all life's lemons.