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New Patient Story

  • Location: White Salmon,
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I do it for the future. Life is extremely challenging right now. My spouse stays at home all day with our 3 children and after a weekend at home with them, I can understand the stress levels she has. We don't have much time for ourselves and sleep, while it should be top priority, sometimes takes a back seat to trying to unwind from the day. Each day seems more challenging than the last..... But we press on for our future. Not the future promise of retirement, our next vacation or even the dream house we have planned. We do it for our three precious girls. We give them everything we have so they may be nourished mind, body, and soul. We teach them right from wrong, kindness toward each other and how to navigate problems as best we ourselves can do/teach. And just when the future is starting to blacken and we don't know how we will survive another day....... One of them asks for a snuggle, hugs their sister when the other gets hurt, tucks in their baby for nap or reads a book to themselves quietly. Their smiles and hugs are worth all the trouble and money in the world. Here's to our future, Maizy, Elaina and Opal.