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New Patient Story

  • Location: ROCHESTER,
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Earlier this year I received a call from my son.his voice e was shaking. Are you sitting down? I said yes why He said you your granddaughter really needs you, cam you co.e over to the house? I heart sunk & mind started to race. I said well of course. why? He said I have some sad & shocking news. He asked if I remember my granddaughters best friend. I said of course, why? I guess she was being bullied in school & couldn't take it anymore. I asked hesitantly. What do you mean was? He said she committed suicide tonight. I cried out in disbelief & said are you serious. He whither his voice cracking. Yes, she hung herself. She was just 12 years old. This has devastated my granddaughter. I have not mentioned the girls names because they are minors or included any photos. We need to stop bullying!