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New Patient Story

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Born to poverty, neglect and abuse. 9 years of childhood homelessness created by an alcoholic father who was on the run from the law. I grew up with very little and as I became old enough to not take the abuse and my family finally stopped running, I started to look back and understand that my childhood was wrong. I made a goal to create a new circumstance for my future. I was going to make sure to do the "right thing" and get married in order to raise kids that were given better opportunities and a chance at a good life. I had raised my kids (by myself) after a divorce. I proceeded to get an education so that I could be "successful". I became a model student and continued to raise my, now, teenagers and show them by doing. I was in my own way a successful adult. I stopped the cycle and gained a career. My kids are now thriving adults with what I believe to be a good mindset. I have started to climb slowing in my career and I am, although in debt, able to make all my bills on time and still provide help if my kids need it in their separate lives. It took stepping out and away from a hard life and looking back to see how wrong it was and to create a new book, not just a chapter. i burned the old book and started fresh. I started therapy and learned self-motivation techniques. Jumping into college and working through the struggle of money to achieve my goals was worth the efforts. It wasn't easy and I often felt like I wouldn't succeed but used my kid as motivation to make things better for them. eventually it became about me, and I was even more successful. Once I put aside the idea of doing this for my kid and focusing on myself, i became a more positive person and am satisfied with my life and can see a future without debts. To know that I came from nothing but camping in cars and driving through the states to having a steady home is success. I don't need to be wealthy or have a high-profile job, I simply needed to accept that I am ok and will continue to grow.