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  • Location: Katy,
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Speaking of stories Sharing my story hear makes me think about my experience with my grown up children. My wife and I have been empty nesters now by 9 years. Both of our sons are married, have jobs, and live in a different state than us. We do our best to visit each other and stay in touch as much as we can with our busy lives and try to regularly call each other. What I find interesting is how little our children knew about our past of how my wife and I group up. It started with me about 3 years ago when in one of our conversations I made mention about a experience of my past relevant to what we were talking about. As I shared it we together realized that they did not know what my growing up years has been like. Realizing this, I wanted to correct that and immediate took in the task to right down about it and shared it with them. On my wife part, it was just recently about 3 years later after this experience of my own that in a similar manner she came to realize they also did not know about her growing up years. So at that moment she began to tell her story to her older son and now just needs to shard with the younger one. I share this experience to say that it is surprising to me how this can be easily neglected and if you have not had this opportunity yet, to make the time to have this conversation with your children or better yet, to write it down for them to have it.