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New Patient Story

  • Location: Lubbock,
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Hi My Name is Silvia Grimaldo I am in my second Marriage . In my first marriage I got married at the age of 16 had my first Child at 18 in my first pregnancy my first Husband would always hit me and accused me of messing around with other men he moved me to different places so my family could not find me i got into drugs and even tried killing my self . that was the lowest time in my life and at that time I don't know what had come over that at that time I thought of my 2 children they were the most important part of my life , this was the change in my life quit doing wrong things that when I got beat up more and more I finally had enough and left him and went back to school an got my GED and started going to collage to better my self with the help of my family . right now i am married again an very happy . I decided I needed to give back and help people so I became a CNA an now help the patients here at Covenant Hospital I pray for them and talk to them make them laugh this is my Story