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New Patient Story

  • Location: Beaverton,
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Please don't associate with my name if you use my story, there are still stigmas around anyone who has attempted suicide, which I did in 2009. It was Christmas Eve; it was an evening with family and friends. I had an argument with my family and had been thinking of suicide and decided this was it for me, they no longer needed me, I wasn't of any value to anyone, and they would be better off without me. I just needed it to stop.... I took a bottle of Tylenol PM and all the meds I could find and went to bed. I woke up in the hospital the next day (Christmas) in the hospital. I look back and can't even imagine what my family went through that night. It was a selfish act of desperation. It took some time, medication, and counseling to get back on my feet again. Depression is a hard thing to fight, though with help you can find joy in this world again. I've since quite drinking and lost 70lbs. I know where to get help if I need it now. My life is amazing, and I want others to know this too will pass--reach out for help earlier than I did.