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New Patient Story

  • Location: Eureka,
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In May of 2019, we lost our youngest son to suicide, he was only 16. My world was turned upside down, and I no longer knew how to really function. I have said many times "I do not know how to do this". I have had a lot of absences, and I have also needed to go on multiple leaves of absence. I attempted counseling a few times, but the therapist was not a match. When I went on my last leave of absence, I started counseling through Lyra, I feel like I finally found the right person. My therapist has been an amazing help. I am learning that the depression was there, before my son died, but I was able to function through it. I am learning to recognize my triggers. My therapist has also told me that I need to pay attention to my 'bandwidth', and when it is 'low' I am to 'recharge'. Which means, maybe not going somewhere that may trigger me. I still cry, basically daily, but I know that life is still worth living. I try to tell myself, how lucky I was to have him, but I still miss him more than I can explain.