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New Patient Story

  • Location: newberg,
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In 2004 my wife and mother of our children was diagnosed with melanoma. She was treated with surgery and a year of Interleukin injections 3 times a week for a year. 6 months after the year we found the melanoma had metastasized to the liver. We were open and honest with the children. Treatments were limited and chance of survival was considered about 3%. In 2008 she did pass away. Our son was 22 and living on his own with his future wife. Our daughter was 12. A crucial time for a young woman. I faced the situation and the grief proactively. I sought advice and read up on grief and how it applied to both of us. Camp Erin, Motherless Daughters by Hope Edelman, The grief Recovery Handbook, were all key to my actions. I also became more cautious with my own health because My daughter could not afford to lose another parent. I became an advocate. First requesting a change to the OFLA to add "Death of a Family member". Three years of work to complete that. Now I am an advocate for melanoma awareness, coordinating a melanoma walk each year, among other things. All of this helped me because I had PURPOSE. As I see it if you can have a purpose after a loss you can feel necessary to the world. My motto is "I Am Burdened With Glorious Purpose". It gives me a reason live and enjoy life everyday.